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Reno Shortfall

As most of you are aware, the USPPA Reno Event experienced a serious revenue shortfall, which resulted in as many as 32 players not receiving their prize money as of yet. We are working hard to resolve this, and Tony Annigoni will be contacting all the players directly this week regarding payment.

While we consider the players our top priority, there are a number of stake holders who have been affected, and working out an expedient solution is our top priority, but it will take some time.

We will have an update by the end of the week, after we have contacted all the directors and players affected, directly, or by email.

Thanks for your patience in this matter, and if you are a director or player who has been affected, please feel free to contact Tony Annigoni directly at 831-277-0216, or email him at Tony at usppa.com

USPPA Management